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It’s as simple as this. Post a link of a screengrab of your Analytics below with some stats about how your web traffic has declined since the Panda update. The 5 posts with the biggest % loss in total traffic from the start of April until the end of May will be given a month of free SEO services.

Thats it.

The 5 victims worst off because of Google’s Panda update will get a month of Free SEO Services. All applications have to be in by the end of May 2011, and we reserve the right to change or amend this post if things get out of control, or people start taking liberties. The only catch is you have to be a genuine business, and you have to actually be selling something. Content farms and spam websites are not allowed to participate.

What exactly will you get?

Well, hopefully you will get your traffic back. However we will have a look at your site and give you some SEO advice. We will also work on improving your profile for you and building other ways to get the traffic back.


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