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SEO Audit


$150 for a full SEO Audit

  • Working with an SEO provider and not sure if the work is being completed?
  • Been hit by Google Penguin or blacklisted?
  • Looking to make a claim against an SEO provider?

Rank checking, Link profiling

We can help build a profile of your website as it stands right now. We can build a list of links that are currently pointing at your site, Google Places listing or your profile. We can also check for the current rank of your website against all the keywords you select. We can see if you have been blacklisted by the major search engines and see what you can do to change that.

Independent SEO profiling

SEO Audits have a massive range of features, all of which will help you either improve your current ranking, or check that your current SEO provider is doing their job. We can also see if your website has been linked to from bad areas, or if your SEO company has performed poorly. We can help you optimise your SEO campaigns. Some of the functions we optimise with our audit are;

  • Rank Tracking
  • Backlink Checking
  • Bad area checking
  • Virus, Malware scanning
  • Keyword optimisation
  • SEO Performance assessment
  • Analytics optimisation
  • SEO recommendations

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