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As part of our monthly review of advertising costs across the internet, we look at the cost of advertising using Google Adwords. Every month we take a basket of keywords, such as plumbing, SEO, mobile phones, cleaning etc, and look at the published average CPC from Google. We also take into account changes in competition and keyword suggestions to produce an average costs for Australia, the US and the UK across 100 keywords. They keywords were picked at random from a few thousand that Google Keyword tool spat out.

Fluctuating upwards

Each month we have found fluctuations of around 10%, however, generally we have found the cost of adwords increases by about 4% every 6 months. This month, Google Adwords have increased in cost for Australians by 11%. This now returns the cost back to similar levels as two months ago. However, Adwords are still better value than two months ago, because there is about 2% more competition for the keywords.

The US has seen the largest increase in the cost of Adwords, up 40% from last month when normalised for competition. Although competition fell across our keywords, this month the cost of advertising in the US increased.


46.50%    three mobile phones

42.58%     business mobile

30.24%    green cleaning supplies

30.19%    building cleaning

24.00%     tables


-16.00%      window cleaning supplies

-21.88%      top mobile phones

-27.54%      used mobile phones

-27.81%     clearance mobile phones

-57.47%     healthy cleaning products

You can download the raw data here.


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