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Web Design


Web Design
  • WordPress CMS
  • Theme Design
  • Blog
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Adwords
  • Mobile
  • Your Domain
  • Adwords Campaign
  • FROM $1500


Maintain your own website with the world’s leading CMS and Blogging Platform


Make sure your website is seen for the keywords that are important to your business. 


Automatically have your website ready for mobile devices such as iPad and iPhones

Adwords Campaign

We kick your website off with an adwords campaign that will get you clients right away.

We are a web design company that creates websites that sell. Starting from $1500 (inc GST), we will create for you a unique Web Design and provide hosting and email management.

When we create your website, we will give you;

  • Your own domain (
  • Content Management System install (eg WordPress or Joomla)
  • SEO Keyword Development
  • Search Engine and Directory Submission
  • Complete web design and development
  • Up to 10 pages designed and developed
  • Adwords Campaign
  • Optional: Newsletter, Store Locator, Retailer Log In, Membership Section, eCommerce

From $1500

Functional Web Design

We have designed and developed a wide range of websites, ecommerce systems and CMS platforms for our clients around the globe. Our web designers are masters of SEO and landing page optimisation, which means we create the best opportunities to turn clicks into clients.

Here are just some of the exciting things we have built for our clients;

  • Jobs Search Engine
  • Pay-walls for content
  • Subscription website
  • Image hosting
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Web Stores
  • Events and Booking website

Creative Development is dedicated to creating websites and designs that offer the most cost effective solutions for our clients in the long term. We use the latest in technology to make sure your websites always stay up to date and on trend.

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Modern Web Design

Static HTML websites are long gone. Even basic websites that feed from a simple database are on their way out. Modern website design has many elements to it that are meant to produce a more engaging and functional home for your business. Modern websites have AJAX to feed real time data to your customers. They have responsive designs that can be viewed on any device. Modern designs are meant to be your best tool for building your business.

You should be able to update and make changes to your website without having to deal with code or anything that requires technical expertise. We have a range of CMS systems available that match the size and scale of your business and abilities. Whether you are a small electrical company, or a large newspaper, we have a modern solution that can help you.

How we work

Creative Development first sets out to understand your business. We work out what solution is suitable for you, and what functions your website should perform. After that, we look at your brand and your current design elements to start building a picture of what your website looks like. The first step we take technically is to set up a development server, that we can build the CMS on. The initial design you see will be on a real website with most of the functions working. We believe it is better to see designs live, working on your screen, rather than static on an image. This gives you a feel for how your customer will see your website. It also speeds along the development time, because the hard part is already out of the way.

We turn websites around on average in 4 weeks. We have built new websites within 24 hours. It is up to you how quickly your website is built. A quick job isn’t going to be a poor job either. We already have templates and designs ready to be implemented.

Because we have extensive experience in SEO and Adwords, we can build your website so that it has the best chance of being found. All our sites are optimised for the keywords you choose, and they are already ready to have conversion tracking and analytics built in.