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SEO MOZ has got a great post on the things you should be asking yourself, and your readers, regarding the quality of your content. Based on the Google Panda update that affected a lot of websites, this questionnaire is an idea of what Google asks of a website to give it its ranking. All the questions have the potential answers of yes, no, don’t know.

1. Would you trust the information presented here?

2. Is this article written by an expert?

3. Does this article have obvious errors?

4. Does the article provide original content or information?

5. Does this article contain insightful analysis?

6. Would you consider bookmarking this page?

7. Are there excessive adverts on this page?

8. Would you expect to see the article in print?

Domain Level:

1. Would you give this site your credit card details?

2. Would you trust “professional” info from this site?

3. Would you recognize this site as an authority?

Based on these 11 questions, Will Critchlow from Distilled then showed how you could run a very quick survey to see what visitors to your site thought of your content.

As you can see, they are all questions that relate to the perception of the information being presented.



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