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Google Adwords

Seeing as it is close to Christmas, and I am sure there are a lot of people out there who are looking to sell more stock, we thought we would run through a few quick lessons on how to improve your Google Adwords performance. If you have not done so already I suggest you go through the Google performance guide first too.  In the least you should learn how to run your campaign budget effectively and learn how to pick keywords.

Set up conversions – The main reason to set up some sort of conversion, is that you will be able to get Google to display the ads that give you the best conversion rate. It isn’t hard, all you have to do is put a small piece of code on the page that is the completion page. The main goal of a tactical Adwords campaign is to directly increase sales.

Specific offer – Google adwords are best performing when there is a specific offer. If you throw up a generic ad, you will get generic tire kickers. Your main aim should be to attract people who are ready to buy. You don’t want information seekers, because that ad costs you money to educate someone who may well buy from someone else. A specific offer is x product at y price, delivered on z etc etc. A specific offer is not “Cheap insurance” or “The best baby products”.

Specific details – This is the difference between a good ad and a bad ad. By the time people are ready to click on your ad, they know what they want, and the price they are willing to pay. The more specific you can be the better. If there are any small technical details that might make a difference, then put them in your ad. Make sure you ad two or more of the following; price, height, weight, delivery time, colour, size, stock levels, made in, guarantees, returns policy etc.

Lots of the “right” keywords – In some tutorials I have seen people suggest you use as many keywords as you can. This is clearly wrong when you think about it. Someone searching for “buy bunk beds Australia” is clearly more ready to purchase than someone searching for “bunk bed reviews”. You do want as many variations on a theme as you can get, but you only want to pick the right ones that are likely to induce a sale. You still want to include variations on the generic words if possible, so in our example bidding for “bunk beds” is ok, as long as your bid is not so high that it will dominate your budget. The reason for this is that your ads should be the second level of protection against tire kickers.

Create as many ads as you can – I don’t mean create four or five ads, I mean create twenty or thirty ads. The more ads you can think of the better, as you never know which ones will give you the edge. Also the ads should be as specific as you can make them, to help prevent against tire kickers. You want people to click who are likely to purchase the product and are not looking for comparisons. Here are the basic types of ad we usually create

Long/Interesting words – Fill your ad with unusual words like; Incredible, Amazing, Fastest Selling!

Figures – Price, weight, size, Was x now y, save xx%

Guarantee – Money back in x days, delivery in x days

Headlines – Include your keywords, include the price etc.

Benefits (not just functions)- Removes stains in 30 seconds


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