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SEO experts seem to claim all the time they know the number one secret to building your position in search engines. Usually you will see them claim that links are the key, or that content is the key, or that site design is the magic tool. However most of them forget one key thing, and that quality traffic is what businesses, especially dentists, need and sometimes having a huge number of links, and building a large website just are not going to bring in the patients. Of course, having great content that is meaningful and helpful will build links and traffic. Also great content could be used once on a blog, and then syndicated through a newsletter, a podcast etc, it does not have to just be a blog.

However, here are 8 tips and ideas to generating quality leads that you may not have considered.

  1. Build multiple link sources. The above graph shows where this website gets its traffic from. As you can see, referring websites make up almost a third of our traffic. We are always working to get linking, blogging partners to write reviews, write about our articles, or provide an alternative point of view. We are also always working to find businesses that could do with our help in exchange for a link on their website. In fact, if there are any readers out there that want some FREE SEO ANALYSIS, we will do so in exchange for a link. Just comment below with your web address and we will contact you.

  2. Niche Directories. We are listed a lot of directories, both to get relevant links to our site, but also because they are great traffic builders. Three directories make up about a third of all referring traffic. Don’t just look for directories that give you a free backlink, or claim to be “seo directories”. Look for directories that list businesses in your niche and your local area. Use google to “find dentist list directories” and consider paying for a premium banner. Do not ever pay for a link in a directory that will give you no traffic.
  3. Video. Consider putting together a short video on your services, on the benefits your clients have gained, on how you are helping save the world from cavities. We have created several videos for clients, and they represent the source of up to a quarter of all the sales leads that come in.
  4. Industry forums. Four industry forums represent another quarter of all our traffic. We use the forums to build our brand, provide quality advice for people who need marketing help, and to learn what are real concerns of potential clients. Use signatures to intriduce yourself, and provide a key offer or tool that people in those forums might benefit from.
  5. Engage with other blogs. Blogs need information like the normal newspapers. Why not offer to write a guest post? At least write an insightful comment on something they have written. What about if you offered to allow them to write a guest post. Again there are about 3 or 4 blogs that we work with that contribute a large portion of the traffic for us. Also make sure you use trackbacks on your posts, (this is automatic with WordPress.)
  6. Engage with traditional media. Send out press releases to your local newspapers. Conduct a survey of your patients and publish the results. Offer support to newspapers in the form of writing about their articles or pointing to their website.
  7. Social Media. Social media can be a great way to build traffic, but don’t let it guide you in everything you do. The bottom line is, make sure you read reddit, digg and other people’s posts on facebook. Make sure you have a facebook fan page, so that your clients can interact with you. Use social media to find  out what are the hot topics, and write about them!
  8. Newsletters. Some of our clients use newsletters pretty much as their number one way of building traffic. They only send out emails to those that have given their permission, and they use it every month. Each newsletter has content that is important and timely and it drives clients back to their website. As a dentist, you could write about reducing cavities, snoring, teeth grinding and so on.

Do you have a great way to build traffic? Is there something you do that drives clients to your website?


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