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SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

Looking for unique SEO Consultants based in Sydney? Do you need an internet marketing partner that can get you more clients and more sales? Look no further. Using more than a decade of web development and design experience, we take good SEO practice and push your business to the next level.  As SEO Professionals we always keep up to date with the latest changes in the industry, as you can see from our blog on the right. We use the latest lessons from around the world to make sure our client’s businesses stay at the top of their industry.

What Does an SEO Consultant Do?

Creative Development uses a wide range of exclusive tools and techniques as a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant. Every case is different, and we never use the same group of SEO methods twice. However there are a few key areas that we tackle in an attempt to improve your position in the search engines;

  1. Teach you SEO. Yes, that’s right, if you are not entirely sure how you want to proceed with SEO, then we can teach you. We can show you the key methods you can use, every day, to improve your webpage position.
  2. Web Design: There are a few key aspects of the design of your website that impact on SEO. Things like H1 tags and Title meta tags all play a part in how search engines perceive your website.
  3. Internal linking: The links that exist on your website indicate to the search engines which pages you think are the most important for your service. Even the position of your links can be used to decide which pages rank best on your website.
  4. Link Generation: We have our own proprietary link building strategies that we use to build the position of your website. All our links are build organically using non-spam techniques.
  5. Online advertising: Effectively links and SEO is all about being in the right places. We use our knowledge of online advertising to promote your website so that it becomes a leader in the field.
  6. Content Building: The number one way to get good links, and to cover more SEO ground, is to build top quality content.

How long does SEO take?

SEO Consultant

The time SEO takes varies depending on the website and the industry. Some keywords and target markets are highly competitive andcan take at least a year to rank for the most popular words. Other industries are a little easier to work in and may take only a month to get a position for. As an example, the top ranked website in “Insurance” have been around for over a decade, have thousands of websites linking to them, and have a high level of good quality content. This would mean that it would take at least a year of concentrated effort to get to the number one position. Conversely, an industry like “Lane Cove Shoes” barely exists, so ranking for those keywords would be significantly easier.

What is the Cost?

Consultations are priced on a client by client basis. However for a full analysis with recommendations that you can action, pricing starts at around $300. For ongoing SEO activities like link building or content writing, our pricing starts at $200 a month. The pricing depends on the competition in the market and the timeframes you are looking to work to. A market with low competition does not needs as much work as one with a lot of competitors.

What other SEO Services do you perform?

For a full list of our SEO services, go to our SEO page. Briefly we also offer these services as part of our SEO packages;

If you are looking for a Sydney SEO agency then look no further. Use the contact form on the right, or email us at for more information.