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Advanced Web Analytics

Data Driven Marketing


We are analytics experts that can help you get the most out of your web marketing campaign. Some of the things we can do include;

  • Content Experiments
  • Identifying new segments
  • Advanced analytics reporting
  • Dynamic Ad creation
  • Advanced value tracking
  • Regular reporting

Integrated Technology

Across Google Analytics, AJAX, HTML and Facebook, we can create clean, accurate, and comprehensive data  that will help your business assess, design, deploy and integrate marketing campaigns. We will help you create competitive advantage through customer segmentation, attribution modeling, life time value modeling, market mix modeling, channel attribution and optimization. We ensure that the proper systems, technologies, and strategies are in place to collect clean and usable data, surface it to the right stakeholders, and action it to drive timely decisions at every level of your digital marketing campaigns.

Why do some visits result in a high dollar sale while others don’t? Our advanced segmentation will help you find out. Whether it is time of day/week/year tracking, or action modelling, we can help you with it. Start with an overall “Company KPIs” dashboard that includes the most important performance indicators for your organization. Create an “SEO” dashboard for your search engine optimization. All dashboards are drag and droppable, completely widget-based, and highly customizable.

Data driven decision making works best when your teams can easily share information. Sharing tools in Google Analytics lets your keyword buying team work seamlessly with your SEO and content teams. Use the Intelligence and Alerts feature to discover unexpected changes and notify your colleagues. Mark key events in your account history for others to see. Easily develop and share custom dashboards for the metrics important to your business.API and Customizations – it’s your data, format it the way you want

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