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Seeing as our blog has gone from strength to strength, and now has a fairly strong readership, I thought I would show you, and summarise, our top 9 blog posts;

Online Advertising Comparison –

We decided to create an ongoing series of posts on the choices available to marketers for online advertising. This post was one of the first we produced and was one of the longest. We also did posts on Stumbleupon and a few other online advertising options. We are still waiting on a response from Reddit, Digg, and anyone from Google Adwords. SMH were the first to get back to us on what it means to be an online medium in the advertising market, and they were certainly one of the most thorough.

Evaluating Content Sharing Methods

We took a look at a few different content sharing methods, and how to use them as a marketer. It was a broad overview, but it seems to have been quite timely for some readers, as it is our second most read post in the last 6 months.

Tough Mudder – A Marketing Case Study

Tough Mudder is every action man’s fantasy. It is a grueling seven mile race through muddy hills, cold water and burning bales of Hay. What started out as part of the Harvard Business School’s Business Plan contest is swiftly becoming a rising star of endurance races in America. During the Business Plan contest, judges felt that getting 500 people to put themselves through hell was a little optimistic. However in our post we walked through the things that really worked for Touch Mudder and how other marketers can learn.

Hidden Pizza Restaurant – A Wasted Opportunity

This was our biggest and most controversial series of posts. We still think it was a wasted opportunity both for Sensis and the pizza market in general. At the moment we are working on our own version, soon to be released. Most of the companies we work for are pulling back on their Yellow Pages advertising basically because of the reasons we outlined in this post.

A Comparison of Social Advertising – Digg, Facebook, Reddit

This was the kick start to our posts on social marketing and how you can use it for any business. Although we did not get ANY comments from the media we studied, we did dig up a lot of case studies. We found enough data to convince us that social media marketing can work and is great value for money. In the same way that businesses are sceptical of setting up a blog, or really starting any conversation with their customers, they are sceptical of social media. They really shouldn’t be.

Free High PR Directory Search Engine

This is a tool we built for us and our clients to search over 400 directories and find the best ones to list in. This is not just from a SEO point of view, but also from a traffic point of view. There are some directories that now give us over a third of all our traffic. As long as the directory is in your niche, and targets the keywords well, there is no reason why you should not try to list in them. We would question the value of spending time listing in more than 10 or 20, especially those that are not ranked well

Marketing Trends for 2010

We wrote a great overview for the marketing trends for this year. Covering mobile marketing, keyword inflation, smartphone apps etc, we went over the lot. One of the things that is certainly coming true this year is adwords cost creep. One of the major reasons for advertisers moving to other media is that the cost of advertising on Google is become prohibitive to all those without very deep pockets. We are hoping that by the end of the year Google will have a solution, but for now, it is just not worth looking at for most advertisers.

8 ways law firms can use social media

We were lucky because this post got picked up by a could of law blogs and it was promoted around the web. Obviously we can actually write well. It also proved the old addage that there is nothing like a list, at least as far as blog posts go. The main aim for the post was to show that even law firms can use social media in their marketing mix. Also social media does not have to be about facebook and getting friends. Linkedin can be used for recruitment and Digg can be used to track industry trends.

10 ways plumbers can improve their direct mail flyers

This post was in response to a swathe of plumbers that started knocking on our door, not just to offer to unblock our drains, but because they are working in a competitive market, and they want to increase their market share. There are a lot of things people can do to increase the conversion rate of their marketing, not just the usual test, test, test. The main thing Plumbers need to do is try something different from their competitors. There are loads of plumbers out there trying to get their slice of the same pie. The best thing you can do is invent your own pie and fish in a different pond.


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