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Facebook, and for that matter MySpace too, has the stigma of being just for kids and people who have just had a baby/got engaged/married etc.  However, its reach has spread beyond its college campus roots of and more and more “C-Level” users are signing on.

We did some analysis of the users of Facebook, and came up with two interesting groups of users;

Facebook marketing group A

Estimated reach: 10,000 people

* who live in Australia

* who live in New South Wales

* between the ages of 25 and 50 inclusive

* business, marketing, sales, marketing sales, management accountant, entrepreneur, marketing manager, accountant, technical support, company director or account manager

* who have graduated from university

Facebook marketing group B

Estimated reach 25,280 people

* who live in Australia

* between the ages of 30 and 50 inclusive

* company director, director, director human resources, director operations, director marketing, director sales, ceo, managing director or managing partner

Both of these groups have a suggested CPC bid of 0.62 – 0.87 USD. That means for less than a dollar per click, you can get your brand in front of some of the highest level business people in Australia. This is great value for money, especially when you see that Google has an average CPC for keywords like management and marketing well over $2.

The reach is certainly nothing to be sniffed at, however is pales in comparison to LinkedIn‘s reach of 117,778 users at the same seniority. However the downside is the suggested CPC bid is $4.93 – $5.81. At a 1% conversion rate, that means a $500 campaign will net you barely one strong lead through LinkedIn, but may net you as much as 8 leads through Facebook. Also, the added benefit of Facebook is you can link up to your “fan” page and start interacting with your targets instantly.

The statistics for Facebook marketing become more and more interesting the more you dig into it. Looking for software engineers based in Sydney?

Estimated reach

2,680 people

* who live in Australia

* who live in Sydney

* who like software, software engineer, software developer or software architect

Social network marketing is becoming more and more slick and mainstream, Colgate used social media as a major part of their launch strategy for their Wisp product.

Are there any more social networking marketing successes out there?

Suggested bid: 0.62 – 0.87 USD

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