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Here are a number of steps to take and things to consider when choosing a domain name. Selecting the right domain name can really mean the beginning and the end for your business. Even the brightest business ideas can be overtaken by competitors that have better domain names.

  • Determine your niche blog strategy. Think about the main thing you will be selling. This is important, because you dont want to have a domain name that describes just what you will be discussing in your blog. If you are discussing marketing but intend to sell marketing training, then it would be a better idea to try to secure the domain name
  • Make a list of keywords. There is a good chance that your first or second choices for a domain will be gone. Start thinking about alternatives early then you won’t be disappointed.
  • Use Urban Directory. Find out if there are other alternatives for the words/names you are using. Find out if people are using slang terms instead.
  • Don’t worry about length, just make it memorable.
  • Make the Domain Unique.
  • Avoid Hyphens and Numbers.
  • Make it easy to type and easy to remember
  • Check for Domain availability. Use our domain name checker to see which domains are available.
  • Use our domain name registration service for cheap domain names.
  • Only Choose Dot-Com Available Domains
  • Avoid Copyright Infringement
  • Secure Multiple Domains

Other tools to use;

Domain Tools
Google Keyword Checker

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Great post. I’ve started using a lot of unconventional names for marketing – for example and the like. I thought of it and some other userful tips here - – which was a very helpful article also.

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