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In terms of SEO, customer reviews are the latest thing that you can do to improve your position in Google. They are highly visible, and it seems that Google is using them to determine the best businesses to rank. So how can you get your customers to review your business?

  • A stellar service – Obviously this counts, but you could also make sure that email and phone correspondence is amazing too. Saying sorry can make all the difference. If you can’t give a customer what they want, make them feel special and give them what they need instead.
  • Claim your business page – Do this on Google Maps, in the Google accounts page. Do this on any reviews website that Google uses. If you are not sure just Google “your industry AND reviews”.
  • List your business – Make sure you have your business listed in all the free directories you can. Use your smartphone, or ask someone who has one, to have a look at all the reviews apps and see if you can get your business in there. There are a large number out there, like Urban Spoon etc.
  • Respond to your reviews – If you have the opportunity, make sure you respond to your reviews. On the old eatability website WAQU, a restaurant in Sydney, responded to every single one of the negative reviews, often offering an alternative to a refund. It builds an engaging profile.
  • Link to your reviews pages – Make sure you have a link, it could be in the footer of your website, to the reviews pages you have online. Give people a nudge by saying “reivew us here”.
  • Make sure you tell people to review you in the real world too – You could put it on receipts, on your menus, on your invoices, wherever you can. Just tell people that a review is appreciated.
  • Post discounts and special announcements – On your reviews pages, you should list a discount or a special offer. Make people feel important for leaving a review.

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