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Self analysis is hard. Picking the right words to say about yourself is always difficult. Getting it right is harder. So should you even bother with an About Us page, will people read it?

Our About Us page is one of the most read pages on this website. Everyone who comes here to hire us is looking to see who we are and how good we are. You should always include an About Us/Meet the team page on your website, because it adds a face and personality to your service.

So what should you include? Well first you should always right with the customer in mind. If you are talking about what you have done for yourself, then you are probably going to put most readers off. You should try to write with the customer in mind, and keep your About Us in terms of achievements that your customer can relate to.

Most marketing textbooks will encourage you to write about how you are unique. We would say your uniqueness should come out in the way you write about yourself, whether you are fun, quirky, interesting, knowledgable, corporate etc.

You should also try to answer the following questions;

What training/qualifications do you have?
What areas do you specialise in?
Do you have specific experience worth noting, or are there some experiences you like to talk about?
What part of your job are you passionate about?
What do you find rewarding?
What areas of your profession/development are you working on?


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