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skip hire seo

Skip Hire and rubbish removal is one of the hottest industries currently on the web. Just a quick look at Google shows over 4 million results for the search Skip Hire alone, compared to Plumbing which is around 2 million. As Google Places is the new Yellow Pages, it makes sense for businesses to work on improving their position, and getting their business placed as well as they can in the major search engines.

So what can a business owner do to improve their SEO rankings?

  1. Encourage your customers to leave reviews. Right now of the top 10 businesses for skip hire in Sydney, only one has any reviews. We have speculated before that positive reviews improve position. The reviews can be on Google, or even on Customer Underground.
  2. Make sure that your business address is used consistently and frequently. If you have a Yellow pages and/or Hot Frog advert, then make sure you have the same address in the same format, because Google relies on these to determine your location.
  3. If you can’t think of anything to write in a blog, then just get people to write testimonials to you, or start writing about the things customers leave in their bins. At least start to build some content on your website that is unique, Google loves that.
  4. Start looking for link exchange opportunities with other people in your industry. You can use tools like link market to help. I know that link exchange isn’t en-vogue right now, but we have proven time and again that it is the most effective way to build links to your website.
  5. Make sure you optimise your website to cover not just the main keywords in your industry, but also the long tail keywords. Not everyone looks for “Skip hire” they also look for rubbish removal and a whole host of other words. You can use Google Keyword tool to find the top words.
  6. If you can, purchase a few domains that promote your best website. You can use the domains to redirect to particular parts of your website. Generally different domains mean little, but they can be used to reinforce the keywords particular to each page.
  7. Don’t overdo links on your front page. Google’s algorithm reduces the value of links on your front page every time it finds a new one. The links should reach only as deep as makes sense to customers, and there should only be as many as you need to promote your primary services.
  8. Pictures are loved by users, and by Google. If you are putting any pictures on your website, make sure you use the title and meta tags properly.
  9. If you are struggling for links, you can use SEO MOZ’s link digger.

That is probably the best start your website can get. We have a heap of other generic tips you can use to improve your position in our other SEO Posts.


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