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As we are scouting around for the best ways to improve the off page SEO of our website. We thought we would quickly list some of the things that Matt Cutts has said on his blog about the best use of your time.

Useful List of Link Building Techniques

  • Provide a useful one-time service. It really doesn’t take very much.
  • Provide an ongoing service:
  • Become a resource:
  • You can do this with a personal or company blog. Blogs are a great way to get link love or just to get your word out.
  • If blogs sound scary, start out with newsletters. Or studies. Or surveys. Or white papers.
  • Provide valuable information.
  • Be the first. Be the first means coming up with a creative idea that catches the fancy of the web.
  • Get an article written about you. Be aware that controversy gets attention, but can also affect how people perceive you. If you bait people too often, that affects your reputation.

Advice on Link Bait

  • Putting in that work generates insights and produces info-laden content that makes a site or blog well-known over time.
  • You can be creative. creative insight of something that would grab people’s attention and generate discussion.
  • Saying something controversial. You can be cheeky

Not all backlinks carry weight

Unnatural link exchange is not good


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