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In the SEO circles there are long debates on the effect of Google plus on search rankings. Basically search engine optimization involves different strategies like keyword optimization, on-page optimization, backlinking and social networking. Just like the Facebook’s “like” button, Google introduced its Google plus badge and plus one buttons to add as links to websites and blogs.

How to Get Google Plus Badge On Websites?

Creating a Google plus badge on websites and blogs is very easy. First we need to create a Google plus page with relevant text, images and videos. The page can be linked to your website by adding some codes to the header of the website template. Here are the steps in detail.

1. Create a Google plus page and note the long string of numbers in the address bar.

2. Go to Google plus page badge customization page and choose the type of badge you want.

3. Copy the code found below the page and paste it on your website.

5. The page button will be there just like the buttons for Facebook and Twitter.

How Google Plus is Going to Affect SEO?

The new Google plus one button will allow people to recommend websites and blogs to friends, family and colleagues. If the website gets more plus ones, the website will get more authority in the eyes of Google. As the page gets more authority than the competitors, naturally its ranking may go higher in the search results.

Some SEO experts still believe that Google plus is not going to make drastic changes in search results. The reason is that several other social networking components are already working much before and hence Google’s recent entity cannot make a substantial impact at present. The Facebook and Twitter are well established and their presence cannot be ignored very soon. Therefore an early prediction on the effect of Google plus on SEO is not possible now.


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