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Why WordPress?

WordPress has some clear advantages for most businesses over other options such as Joomla or Dot Net Nuke.

Easy to use – You don’t need any coding knowledge to do the basics.

Excellent readable documentation

Active and Static sections of the website.

Viewable with all browsers – Some websites that have active contents such as Flash or Java can’t be viewed the same way by all browsers.

Always updated – You don’t need to do anything to keep your website up to date with the latest standards.

Free – Open Source software is free to use and manipulate.

A Wide range of plug ins – You add all sorts of functionality to wordpress. You can turn your website into a social networking platform, a directory or a podcasting blog with a few clicks.

Search Optimised – The system automatically generates the right content to maximised your chances of being found with the major search engines.

A Wide range of ready-to-use templates

Easy to modify – This keeps your ongoing costs down, and if you want to completely customise WordPress, it will not cost as much as other options.

Linux based system – again it keeps your ongoing costs down.

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