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We aim to become the best marketing blog in Sydney. We are going to produce the most interesting, on-trend, valuable information for our clients and potential clients. In doing so, as all good marketers should, we are going to not only look at our competitors, and their best blog posts, but we are going to list them here. This is not the same as the B&T Top 50 blogs list, this is a list of posts that we think are great examples of what we are up against. We are listing these in no particular order. If you know of any other Sydney marketing blogs, then post a comment!

Anthill Online – No one cares about you

Seth Godin provides an important reality check for marketeers and businesses when considering exploring and exploiting the mass market appeal of modern media channels.

Marketing Mag – Bloggers in the Marketing Mix

David Kruppthinks bloggers’ strength is in their influence. With numbers suggesting that more and more people are starting to blog and more and more people are reading blogs every day, blogging is not a fad. Is it now time for all marketers to start realising the importance of bloggers’ in the marketing mix?

Clare Lancaster – Interview with Australian Anthill

Clare has been working online since 2001, started her consultancy in 2008 and is now the owner/editor of Women in Business. She writes a regular column for Nett Magazine and is a huge fan of big dreams and big actions.

Think Social – Social media vs Print Advertising

If print is profitable, businesses should keep doing it. Companies may just want to try social media to see how profitable it can be for them.

bitemark – Search Engine Visibility Software Review

Search Engine Optimisation is only part of the equation to running a successful website, you also need to work on optimising your site for converting those visitors into a lead. No matter how many visitors you get to your site, if they’re not converting to a lead then all your Search Engine Optimisation work will be wasted.

Receptive Technologies – Plan Backwards

Keep going. When you realise one goal, set new ones. The evolution of a website is more like the building of a business, or the development of staff. It is a continuing, fluid growth process, that should be guided with care and a focus on the goal, not limited to one path that was decided months (or years) ago.

Zooba – Making Sense out of Business – Edible Blooms

Founded by Kelly Baker, in 2005, Edible Blooms has become a leading online gift retailer through its range of “bouquets” of gourmet chocolates, home-baked cookies, fresh fruit and even “beer cakes” instead of traditional flowers.

Miles Burke – Marketing your book online

These tips should get you started promoting your book online – there are plenty of other ways to use online social media to market your book, if you’re interested in more, comment below!

Flying Solo – 10 dos and don’ts of successful web design
Successful web design is an involved and time-consuming process. These strategies will help you get the best from both your web designer and your budget.
OM4 – Improving the WordPress Post URL button
What the Post URL button does is a mystery to most WordPress users. On, their help page just says ” Click the Post URL button to have the image linked to its attachment page.” Say what?

x-designs – 8 ways to make your advertising work

Advertising your business is a costly, but necessary investment whether your business is the size of the Donald Trump Corporation or run from a dark corner in your garden shed. How can you be sure to capitalise on your cash outlay?

MumBrella – the curious case of Saatchis ad for an out of business printer

Last week saw the US-based One Show Design awards.There weren’t many Australian winners. Indeed, Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney was the only agency to pick up two pencils.

Howard’s Blog – Was mother’s day good for you?

Well now Mother’s day is out of the way for another year you are now probably smiling broadly about how well you did. All of the restaurateurs Howard works with did great business, many of them breaking all time sales and numbers records.

Marketing Results – What are you doing to stay ahead of the pack?

A recently consulted business owner recently had always done well out of Google AdWords, until the last little while. He wasn’t doing anything differently, and that was the problem. While his web marketing stood still, the cost per click in his market quietly rose from $1 per click to $8 per click over a couple of years.

Public Relations Sydney – Preparing for a Live TV Interview

Andrew Griffiths, author of The Me Myth and the 101 business series was recently interviewed live on Sunrise. In the interview he was so relaxed, clear and memorable. Here are his tips for preparing for the TV interview.

Smart Web Marketing – Adwords Landing Pages

The common belief amongst web firms is that a contextually relevant landing page for your paid search engine campaigns is a must. Especially if you want an improved ‘quality score’ and therefore a higher ranking and cheaper bid prices.

Web Design Experts – I have a website where are the visitors

The site is up and running. All of the vital information has been uploaded. Where are my visitors? Good Web Design and clever user experience setup are critical to guiding visitors through your website and presenting them with a credible and compelling call to action. The next question is; “How do I get them there?”

Bruce Clay – Facebook ad tactics for search marketers

Big differences between Google and Facebook, FB is evolving and getting better at things. Pictures on FB help a lot! FB has to decide what’s ‘interesting’ to show in newsfeed.

Heath Grayson Blog – 10 Web Design Tips

A well designed website will help your users easily find what they are looking for and will make your business look professional. Designing a website from the beginning with Search Engines and your users in mind will help your website to be a success. Here are some practical tips and examples.

Arrow Internet Marketing – SEO or Adwords?

SEO or Adwords? Business owners and marketers are often in a dilemma as to how much spend they should allocate to SEO & how much to Google Adwords. The answer to this question depends on thefollowing factors.

Melon Blog – Have Twitter got it wrong?

Twitter’s approach to monetisation is VERY ordinary, VERY linear and doesn’t match up to the depth and breadth of the Twitter user’s experience. “Promoted Tweets” will in addition only be able to add value to the Twitter user’s experience in as much as advertising can ever add value.

SEO Sydney Blog – Client roles in SEO success

The success (or failure) of a SEO project is very often entirely attributed to the SEO consultant or agency, however the client itself has a critical role to play in the outcome of a SEO project.

CP Communications – top tips for managing a media interview

Recently CP Communications ran a media training session for a face to face interview with a few Australian Financial Review journalists. They  thoughtthey would share some of the tips I discussed in the session.

Rotapix – The emergence of brand management and SEO

As more people use the social media to talk, share, and interact with others, there’s an increasing chance that the same tools will be used to talk about your products, service, and offers. This poses an opportunity as well as a threat. How can you know what they’re saying?

Digital Tip – Who owns social content?

Given the cavalier attitude to copyright and intellectual property on the web, and the trendiness of mashups and UGC, the era of social content is proving to be a fairly treacherous minefield for the brands or agencies who are naive or  insular.

Infinity Technologies – Who are the online retailers growing at 977 percent?

Online retail is picking up pace in Australia with sales for 2010 predicted to exceed $20 Billion  for the first time this year. In this article they look at the top 5 and in the next post we will then see who are the other 5 online retailers who make up the top 10.

David Scott Meerman wows at social media masterclass, Sydney
After landing in Australia just hours earlier, David Meerman Scott made a special guest appearance at Sydney’s Social Media Club last night. In a warm up to this Friday’s Master Class event in Melbourne, David kept the crowd entertained with discussions of buyer personas, and stories of viral marketing success.

Servant of chaos – what does listening sound like?
While social media has a playful aspect – it is anything but simple. It can be volatile, unpredictable and move with incredible speed. It is a space that has been colonised by consumers – and it is clearly the consumers who are in control of whatever conversation is taking place.

Laurel Papworth – Facebook:Reclaim privacy
Facebook keeps changing around what is private and what is public in the default settings. But the crowd is smarter than the individual company so ReclaimPrivacy have tools for you.

Banner Blog – Cannes 48 hour Ad contents
The entry they were sent for the Water Aid brief for Cannes Young Lions. They will be posting others in an effort to give then a boost. Submit your ad to them and they will post it on their homepage for a 12-24hr period.
There, we now know what we are up against. We will be working hard to get to number 1 as the best marketing blog for Sydney. We are also working to become one of the most important, complete, marketing agencies in Sydney.

Marketing Journal – How to Grow your brand and market share

Marketers and CEOs, how do you grow your brand or your company’s market share & sales volume? The answer is actually quite simple, so simple that most don’t know the answer.

WAAM – protect your online brand reputation

Brand reputation, intellectual property, lack of controls on the internet, and higher levels of connectivity and vulnerability may sound all consuming and daunting, however the advantages of online business communication such as social networking or blogging far out way the perils that may lay ahead if you take the necessary risk assessment steps.

Mattthemattrix – Twitter followers coming by keyword searches

Just another thought on Twitter: I’ve been tweeting about various subjects, and it’s clear by the followers I’m getting that they often come via searches for certain keywords.


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