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AIDA is an acronym used in marketing that describes the stages a buyer goes through when purchasing a product.


  • A – Attention (Awareness): They have become aware of a need for a product or service
  • I – Interest: They have become interested in a group of products or services.
  • D – Desire: They want to buy that specific product.
  • A – Action: They actually take action in buying it.

As an online marketer it is your job to motivate people through this process. You can use this model to predict the types of keywords people will use at different stages.

A – Attention (Awareness):

The customer will use research words like “MP3 players” and “best stereo systems”. They will be looking at news articles on “latest MP3 Players” or they will be looking for the various comparable products in the industry with words like “How to watch TV in the car”.

I – Interest:

They will use comparison words like “iphone vs android”. They will be comparing the various features of the services so they would use words like “Mobile Phone Mp3 5MP camera”. When you are thinking about the keywords, use words that explain the features and how they benefit the customer.

D – Desire:

They will start shopping around for the best product and price eg “Asus NJ61 Laptop”.

A – Action:

Usually at this stage they have already bought the product, but they may also still be looking for their local retailer with words like “Sydney ps3 bundle deals”


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