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Matt Cutts posted last week that to “expect some Panda-related flux in the next few weeks, but will have less impact than previous updates (~2%).”

A recent discussion at webmasterworld shows that there have been some businesses that have been impacted already. We have blogged before about Panda related problems, but what got us interested this morning was that the quality of search results appears to have fallen again.

A perfect example of this is something we were searching for this morning “default variations wp ecommerce“, the first 5 results have very little to do with WP eCommerce, and it is mid way down the page before you get to the forum which only has ONE result. As from one of our case studies before, if you do a search for “Link Building Sydney

The content farms have been pushed down the page, but there are still three of the top 10 results for .edu websites that are promoting their classes. This must be because they are well optimised for the words “building”and “sydney”.

Around the same time Matt Cutts tweeted, he posted in the yCombinator forum that

Matt_Cutts 12 days ago | link

I’m just speaking personally, but I’m on the side of most of the folks here. A senior engineer is looking into the [“society of spectacles”] search now, for example.What would be most helpful would be constructive examples of bad queries, bad experiences, or concrete proposals for how to improve Google’s results page or results UI.

A list of results from the forum show that we are not the only ones that think the results are poor quality. In a lot of cases, it is not just poor quality, but actually no longer relevant. Have you seen any low quality search results? Post them in our comments!


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