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The graph above shows the average search volumes in Australia for keyword terms associated with SEO and broad basket of keywords. Using Google Keyword tool, we pulled up the data for over 700 keywords used in the last year. The first batch was for terms relating to just SEO and the second batch was a broad basket of terms relating to everything from plumbers to carpenters to homes and electronics. The second batch  gives us a baseline of the average number of searches recorded by Google to compare the SEO batch against.

You can see that in the month of April, searches for SEO terms fell by almost 40%. The search term in this market that showed the biggest fall in volume were terms like “web design seo” which fell by almost 75%. General keyword terms also fell by about 0.3%. Keywords such as “Plumbers Sydney” fell by about 55%. However this was counteracted by keywords such as “online sales” which grew by about 30%.


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