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Here are 50 ideas for lines that you can put in your Google Adwords ads. For each ad group you should have at least 5 ads, and each campaign should have around 10 ad groups, so you should be thinking of 50 different ads whenever you set up a new campaign. Here are 50 different ideas you can use anywhere in your ads, and there are three positions you could put these, so that is 150 different ads you could create

  1. Location
  2. Price
  3. Returns Policy
  4. How quickly you deliver
  5. Delivery cost
  6. Features (technical specs)
  7. Functions (what do you do?)
  8. Benefits (how does it help your customer)
  9. How much cheaper you are
  10. Emphasise FREE
  11. Put an offer in the headline
  12. Include a money off offer
  13. Begin with “Introducing”
  14. Begin with “New”
  15. Show payment options
  16. Begin your ad with “How To”
  17. Begin your ad with “Wanted”
  18. Use a testimonial
  19. Use a one word headline
  20. Offer a trial period
  21. Cheaper than..
  22. Bigger than
  23. The most
  24. The least
  25. Locally/Internationally
  26. Make the ad time sensitive (this week only)
  27. Guaranteed to…

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