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If you have been living under a rock, you probably don’t know who the rugged man is above. This is Isiah Mustafa, who is the new hero of the latest Old Spice ad created by Craig Allen and Eric Kallman of Wieden + Kennedy. The video is below.

There is so much about this Old Spice commercial that is amazing. Filmed over three days the video takes our hero from boat to beach to horseback all in one take. How is it put together? Thankfully most of your questions are answered by an interview between the directors and Leo of Twit.

What makes this old spice ad move from great to legend is the follow up. If you visit the old spice You Tube account you will see video responses from Isiah to a massive range of viewer input. Including the creation of Voice Mail thanks to some industrious people at Reddit.

On pretty much every metric this video has worked. It may not make you rush out and buy Old Spice, but it will make you consider it next time you are shopping.

What makes this legendary?

It was the follow up. The fact that the videos created after the inital commercial are just as funny pushes the campaign into over drive. Suddenly the Old Spice brand is engaging. The brand and the videos suddenly become compulsive viewing.


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I have always loved the smell of old spice. No matter how many new fragrances come out for me, the smell of old spice tells me that ‘my man’ is nearby….

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