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  1. One of the first problems in using Adwords are users set up accounts that use keywords that are too broad. The keywords do not define your business properly. When customers type keywords into the search engine looking for results, if you keyword is too broad it will not lead to your website. If you own a pizza restaurant and your keyword is pie for example you will get results for bakeries and cafes. This has nothing to do with your pizza restaurant. Using Adwords like pizza restaurant will bring better results with Adwords.
  2. Second another mistake beginners make when using Adwords are only choosing keywords that are direct matches for their business. When you use just pizza restaurant you miss a segment of the market that might search using different keywords. Try including specialty pizza , vegetarian pizza, and gluten free pizza with your adwords so you don’t miss potential customers that may be directed to your site.
  3. The third problem is that your business must be categorized properly for Adwords results. Many clients choose the wrong category. You want your listing to reflect the right category and subdivision. This way you reach the right customer and market . This means that choosing the right category when you set up your Google AdWords account is important. The right category might be restaurant and subcategory pizza when you own a pizza restaurant . When using Adwords make sure that the category brings you the visitors that you are targeting to your market.
  4. The fourth problem is when you have Adwords that do not direct visitors to a specific landing page. A landing page should have an offer for the customer or a way to get them to sign up for something. You might offer a discount on products or services or a even a free newsletter on your landing page. When your keywords are vegetarian pizza or specialty pizza then the landing page should have an offer on it. The offer can be for example 10 percent off any large vegetarian pizza ordered for the month of June. Using the landing pages with Adwords often result in more leads and sales.
  5. Fifth another mistake beginners make is not making sure Adwords come up in the right location for your business or services. When your business or company only services locks in the city of Boston, MA then using keywords for Weymouth, MA will only cause you problems. Clearly make sure that your Adwords only bring visitors to the locations that you service. Be clear and concise when using Adwords.
  6. The sixth mistake that businesses make with Adwords campaigns is running the ad after the products are out of stock. Customers come to the site to only find what they are looking for is gone. This often means they will not come back but go elsewhere. So you have lost a potential customer.
  7. The seventh mistake is not tracking conversions and click through rates using Google analytics for Adwords. This tool helps you find out what Adwords are working and which ones are not. When you find out you can eliminate the duds and keep the performers.
  8. The eighth mistake is not optimizing Adwords and your website for mobile phones and tablets. Mobile users will increase your market reach so using a mobile optimized website using Adwords is a winning combination.
  9. The ninth mistake is not researching your competitors use of keywords.This way you can make sure your Adwords are unique to your business .Let’s say you own a pizza restaurant in Stamford,CT. Type pizza restaurant Stamford, CT into your Google or Bing Search engines. Check out the first ten websites that come up. Study the pages write down keywords that you see in their ads. Try some different keywords in the search engines to view different results Write down a list of keywords to use in your Adwords from your research.
  10. The tenth mistake beginners make is poor grouping of keywords in Ad Groups. Keywords should be related because it make it easier to match your ad copy. Revelant keywords means more visitors are likely to visit your site and click on your ads.

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