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What has 20x click through and costs less than 1c per click (and marginally decreasing?)

Twitter advertising.

Last week we promoted two of our blog posts on twitter using socialoomph and twitreply. We made sure the posts were linked to keywords that were very relevant, and we made sure the tweets were enticing. According to Twitreply, our links were clicked over 20,000 times. We were a little sceptical of this, so we had a look in Google Analytics, and we found the click through was more like 2000 times, which for 200 tweets, at a cost of $2, is the  most cost effective advertising we have ever done.

You are justified in worrying about this becoming SPAM, we had a few people unsub from our tweets and compain that we were spamming the system. However we had HUNDREDS of users say they loved our articles, and more started following us. The net effect was probably greater than any other marketing campaign we have run.

The main benefit of twitreply has been that it allows us to keep posting relevant tweets when we would not normally have the time. The system is a little clunky, and it needs a few more features like scheduling the tweets, or at least spacing them out so you don’t post 500 tweets in a half hour period.

SocialOomph has allowed us to reply to people that post about us and follow us. This is especially handy if you are planning a social marketing campaign like this one. At one point we had twenty or thirty people following us every minute, which was way too fast for us to respond to normally. It also allows us to track who is leaving us, and who is joining us, making it a great analytical tool too.

Overall, if you were launching a new product, or you had some great news on your blog, combining twitreply and socialoomph is a good way to go.


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