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We thought we would throw down Guerilla marketing ideas that any business can use, right now, that are low cost and high impact. Anyone can try these right now to increase their list of prospective customers and to drive traffic to their website or online store. Most of these marketing ideas are free. If you like these marketing ideas, why not look at our other marketing posts. This took a little longer than we thought, so we had to spread it over two posts.

  1. The ultimate competition. Offer people a freebie of your service (or a chance to win a a prize) if they post your posters/logo up in the most interesting and visible place. Winners are those that place it the best position.
  2. Handmade and unique business cards. Handmade cards are great if they are tied in to your services. Also, why not go one better and offer a referral fee on the back of your cards. Business cards don’t have to be made of card, why not make them of somethign else? Locksmiths could use keys, plumbers could use drain pipes!
  3. Ninja Business Cards. Get a handful of business cards, and place them in books in your library that relate to the industry you are in.
  4. Open hours sessions. Giving free advice always works well when it comes to promotion. Make sure you publicise the open sessions on invoices etc.
  5. The ultimate video exchange. Offer your suppliers a free testimonial video, in exchange for one from them. Post liberally on Youtube.
  6. Local community groups.  Organise free self advice sessions for recently unemployed people in town, or put together a session for the elderly at your local library. The main thing is getting your name out there and publicised amongst new customers.
  7. Local sporting groups. Some sports clubs have thousands of players/members. Why not sponsor their next tournament in exchange for signage. As long as you can dictate that they post your poster up and send your email you to their players, you will get something out of it.
  8. T-shirt Marketing. Get a T-shirt made with your website’s logo and URL on it. Give the T-Shirts away with sales of your eBook, or with any sale of your product over a certain amount.
  9. Post some bills. There are a lot of places you can put up posters that are not intrusive. You might be able to exchange posters with other businesses in your area. Get a few hundred made up and ask around
  10. Release a free eBook. Link back to your website throughout and encourage sharing. If the eBook is good it could go viral and drive traffic back to you. This is a doubly good idea because you can advertise your customers, your suppliers, anyone in there.
  11. Go to the beach and write your website’s address in the sand (preferably out of the way of the rising tide)
  12. Run a competition and make the prize a service you’ll perform. A great way to do this is on Facebook.
  13. Organize a coffee morning for interesting people/customers/prospects in your area and use it as an opportunity to network.
  14. Take out an ad in your local newspaper, but ask for some coverage of your newest campaign too. Use the ad to promote your clients as well as yourself.
  15. Wear your URL. Make a custom hat, T-shirt or hoodie with your URL on it. This is bound to be a conversation starter.
  16. PUBS have the best opportunities for marketing. They have an area where people want to come and meet, and eat and drink. They can encourage local groups to meet in their back rooms. They can become a club house for sporting groups, or a practice area if the space is right.
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I recently tried something a little different than
my usual local business marketing methods.

I bought a cartoon video and used it to promote
my business. the cartoon was hilarious and my
customers were all talking about it.

Im using another one to promote our summer
specials. Its not for every business but worth
a look. The company that creates them are very creative
and helpful.

here is there link

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