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Whether or not the customer is actually “right,” the job of customer service managers is to put out fires. Quick, pleasant responses to even the most irate customers will almost always cool the situation.

Plan your week.

Allocate time for follow ups, administration, travelling. Book appontments in the same area together. Batch phone calls, e-mails, letters and signups together. GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME.
Administration/Organisation is 90% of the game. Know where you should be, when, 2 weeks in advance. Who are you seeing? Keep notes on EVERYTHING. At the first contact DISCOVER as much information as you can about the client.
Customer Results – What does the customer want? When by? What are his/her expectations?
Remember names. How can you effectively remember a name? When someone tells you their name, clarify it, use it again quickly, or write it down – before you forget.

Take the work out of it for your customers. Encourage them to ask questions and reward them with quick, friendly responses. Your customers and visitors are the most important asset you have. Make them feel that way.

Attraction. When you make the initial contact with a person, first impressions are critical. So dress up and look like a professional. Smile! ENERGY AND VERVE are infectious.
We are the only ones who do what we do
A  mission worth SHOUTING ABOUT
Contact information. Make you easy to find. Plenty of business cards.

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