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Good branding is the key to good marketing. Think of it like this; it is the SOUL or ESSENCE of the company. It is how ALL stakeholders perceive you. I will keep this as brief as possible for your enjoyment, but no doubt there will be more on branding to come.

It should come from within. What is your special Story? This is where the company begins, and all processes, procedures, arms, legs and head should come from this. It covers a broad range of the marketing process. From the three word slogan you use on business cards, to the mission statement (if you can be bothered, they are rather over rated), to the vision statement.

It needs to be defined, definate, deliberate and a variety of other d-words. You should be able to define it in 20 words or less. Use it as your log line.

Through everything, anything. This is the processes part. When people talk about your company, they need to know what you are about straight away. Coke’s slogan is “enjoy”. Which sums up the drink’s brand, because it is lifestyle, fun, refreshing and relatively light. Everyone knows this because they spend bucketloads on branding.

Day after day after day…… letterhead, website, sales schpiel, packaging, quotes, receipts, invoices, your forehead, clothing…….. “THIS IS WHO YOU ARE”.

The one thing that a lot of businesses miss about branding. You need to cement your brand in actions, feelings and emotions. When you think of QANTAS you think of Australia, which is meant to incite nationalistic sentement at home and make foreigners think it is the only way to get to Australia (maybe.) This is quite difficult in the scheme of thinks, but you need to make the brand equate to a function within the customer.

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