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I have seen a number of marketing strategies as of lately in my own personal web space. I found it amazing what one can do in such a simplistic manner. Within the last thirty days I have seen three very interesting new marketing strategies take place. I would like to share these with you and hopefully, you can take your business in one of these directions.

Angry Birds/Smart Phone: First of all, I had only heard about this game from other people in my office and haven’t ever tried it myself. I found a You Tube video that went viral within hours of being uploaded. Angry Birds created a joint marketing strategy with the Smart Phone and T-Mobile. Within three days this video has received 2.7 MILLION views! Along with 20,175 likes, 450 dislikes and 2,960 comments. I read some of the comments and many people are looking forward to either buying the phone or playing Angry Birds. Talk about going viral! Here is a prime example why you want to get involved with launching videos. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

Lady Gaga: The Lady Gaga is a very intricate woman and has a reputation for the shock factor which by all means is a great marketing strategy all in its own right. However, the Lady took the promotion of her new single to a level no one expected. She worked out a deal with the infamous game Farmville to promote her latest single. Yes, the Farmville neighbors all went to visit the Lady at Gagaville. It was quite the amusement and Farmville took on new animals, seeds and trees to play along. Not only did Lady Gaga use a social networking platform for her business but she went deep inside the platform and invaded an actual game. In fact, she invaded 43.5 million farms!  I’ll be honest with you; I personally, wouldn’t have listened to her new song if it wasn’t for Farmville. And I like it! Great move for the Lady.

Capital One: Capital One has always been a huge television promoter with fantastic commercials but you haven’t seen much of them on the social networking scheme. Well, you have now. After Lady Gaga was off the farm Farmville added a new promotion with Capital One. If you signed up for Capital One’s credit card then you would receive a Visigoth Statue. That statue then gives the Farmville addict 7 days of double mastery. I know, what the heck am I talking about? Or you might know since Farmville has 43.5 million users. In fact, it s projected that Americans will spend over $2 BILLION just on Farmville in 2011.

Partnering up with popular games as part of your marketing strategy isn’t a bad idea after you do all the figuring. Americans are expected to spend over $2 billion on Farmville alone. Facebook currently has 500 million active users around the world.  Only 20% of those are Americans so if Americans are spending over $2 billion then how much money is it total? I sure hope you get the picture.


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