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A press release is a written statement about a product, service or event. It is an essential part of public relations because it aims to target the media from which the readers get the latest information. To write a press release for search engines, the content should be optimized for keywords. It differs from traditional offline press release writing which mainly involved texts and images.

The first step in writing a search engine optimized press release is to identify the best keywords about the topic you are writing. The content should be around the main primary keywords but use of secondary keywords in the text help to get the visibility more.

There should be a brief headline written in bold that says what the press release is all about. It should be around hundred characters with a primary keyword about the topic. The headline should grab the attention of the readers and prompt them to read further.

A short summary of the content is often desirable which may be written in one or two sentences. The summary should include secondary keywords and the maximum length may be limited to around 250 characters.

The body of the article is the most important part in an SEO optimized press release. The starting paragraph should generate interest in the readers by including the introduction in a precise manner. It should not exaggerate any facts with fancy words and phrases. In the succeeding paragraphs, each topic or point can be explained in detail and efforts should be made to give answers to common questions concerning the product or service. Two to four keywords, both primary and secondary, may be included in the body of the press release. Any overuse of keywords will result in rejection by search engines and the press release may fail to reach the prospective customers. The press release should be written in third person. The end of the article body should include a brief description about the organization or company who is writing the press release. A link to the home page or contact information like email, fax or phone numbers may be included in the about section.

A press release can be published online using text, images and videos. It can be further popularized with the help of social media. The best press releases will include a call to action so that readers take interest to know more.



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