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It is estimated that more than 750 million people visit Facebook every month. Today individuals, small and medium size organizations,coporates and nations have found a place in Facebook.The pages in Facebook speaks more than a real website and so it naturally get more traffic. Therefore business organizations are looking ways to optimize the pages more for increased search engine rankings.

How It Affects SEO?

Facebook has now become a trusted social networking website with its rich and varied content and style. For companies and marketing organizations, the most important benefit is the opportunity to place links to the company website in Facebook pages. The next is the placing of targeted keywords in the content on various strategic sections like ‘about’,’Info’and ‘Q & A’ sections. There should be a balance for the keywords because excessive key words often give negative results. The Q & A sections and chat features provide interactive conversations and give a live experience for the visitors.Facebook’s like button and share feature give a network of like mined people who will spread the business in a large scale.

The Facebook pages allow not only content but images and videos as well. This helps to educate the customers by providing enough information they seek. Getting quality inbound links from associated websites and blogs help a lot in driving traffic to the website. Using the static FBML application, a specific page can be created to the visitors to land on.

The more numbers of fans a website get, greater is the linking that website get. Therefore keeping more fans will help to dominate in SERP. Facebook has now grown to a large social networking application where people can interact, chat and express their feelings in a great way. For many small businesses a Facebook page is a second home page that describes the business goals, products or services and about its history, future plans and quality policies. Today Facebook can be accessed from mobile phones, tablets, ipods, blackberry and other similar devices.



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