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Viral content is really the best and only way to create pages or posts on your website or blog. Matt Cutts calls it Link Bait. If you are always aiming to have your content shared widely, then you will always be giving your website the best chance to have links built to it. The main idea of GREAT link bait, is that you become an authority on something.

The main things to think about when aiming to create viral content are the following;

  1. Would YOU link to this post
  2. Would you want to share this post with your friends/industry
  3. Can you see value in reading the post and then sharing it
  4. Does it add to any discussion
  5. Is it easy to follow/read
  6. Does it appeal to a specific audience?
There are two bonus points that I will add that are possible to have on modern websites, but may not be for everyone;
  1. Is it easy for outside users to add to the content, through comments or voting?
  2. Are readers given some sort of reward, either through points or recognition for taking part in a discussion?

The golden rule is WOULD YOU LINK TO THIS POST. Not in a “link building” kind of way, but more to show off your achievement, or to say something like “yes we created this and it is worth reading/seeing”. We have created a lot of posts on this website that have generated natural links. Some posts that are our own examples, are our post on Time To First Byte, our post on Social Advertising, and our post on Guerilla Marketing. Not only are there the following 100 ideas, but you can turn these on their head by changing a few things about them, like the following;

  1. Be antagonistic, start a fight
  2. Take an unpopular view
  3. Invite other people to write for you, and then write a rebuttle
  4. Make the post comical
  5. Syndicate the post to Video, Audio and presentation formats
  6. Make your post HYPER local, talk about people in your street
  7. Make your post Global, offer something to everyone, even those on the other side of the world.

You can also take these 100 ideas, and make them about people, products, places, services, events etc, so there is plenty of scope to create content. Anyway, without too much more drivel, here are 100 actionable ideas for creating link worthy content. Remember these only count if they are original, so you will have to work on making these ideas your own.

  1. Infographics. If you are no good with Illustrator, you can find good artists on oDesk etc.
  2. Collect Infographics from other places
  3. Interviews with customers
  4. Interviews with competitors
  5. Interviews with notable people
  6. Tutorials
  7. FAQs
  8. Top 10 People in… Post
  9. Top 10 things you never heard of post
  10. Top 10 ways to use your service effectively post
  11. Top 10 best examples of… post
  12. Top 10 Free…. post
  13. Top 10 ways to reduce/increase your…. post
  14. Top 100 times someone was proven wrong
  15. Create the BIG list, of over 100 of something.
  16. Publish the ingredients, code, atomic structure of your product or service
  17. Product comparisons/reviews 1 vs 1
  18. Product comparison/reviews tables
  19. Video Interviews
  20. Videos Tutorials
  21. Videos Product Demonstrations
  22. Time Lapse Videos of your work
  23. Portfolio of your best work
  24. Build a free service that has a function like loadimpact
  25. Give away a free eBook
  26.  Use Mechanical Turk to build data on a topic involved in your industry, like “How Often Is The Word ‘Awesome’ Used on Reddit
  27.  Get users to take a big survey and publish the results
  28. Mechanical Turk: Top 100 incidents involving….. (dig through archives)
  29. Mechanical Turk: Use a free service link OpenSite Explorer or travel time tables or census data etc and analyse the data
  30. Mechanical Turk: Rank websites/services based on the information on their site
  31. Mechanical Turk: Build a directory of people/products/services with information you would want to know
  32. Mechanical Turk: Make a MAMMOTH list of the top 1000 of something ranked by your choice.
  33. Write about current (in the last 5 hours) events
  34. Create EgoBait: Write in depth reviews/history of people/services
  35. Take original photos
  36. Use Photoshop to create original images
  37. Events: Live Blog at a specific event
  38. Events: Create an event/meeting at a pub that people will want to attend
  39. Events: Create an event that takes place on your website, build discussion, get people to submit things
  40. Events: Hold a group Skype Session and publish the audio
  41. Take a famous person from history, and write from their perspective “Hitler’s Guide To Link Building”.
  42. Build a forum or social network (you could use buddy press etc) based in your area/niche
  43. Build a website/blog (it could be free from Blogger), that takes a provocative, funny or interesting view
  44. Create a character/superhero that answers questions, (maybe via video).
  45. Create a charity page where you will donate money based on comments/feedback
  46. Summarise the latest news on a topic
  47. Give people a place to vent about an issue, use comments or your website feedback form to collate opinions.




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