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It has been a crazy year, with so many exciting projects going on, that sometimes it is easy to forget what you have done and how far you have come. So I thought I would launch the week with a small pat on the back for ourselves for some of the major events that have taken place, we have launched and that have rocked our world over the last two or three months.

Baby and Home

We have now launched and gone into SEO mode on the new Baby and Home website. Baby and Home offers some excellent, exclusive, products, for delivery across Australia within ten days. They already stock products like babycubes, Brother Max Bibs and a whole range of other great products. Over the next few months we will be working on building the website profile, ironing out the bugs, and helping add another 40 to 50 products to the website.


We got our first listing in DMOZ!

Product Packaging for Target

We finished our latest round of product packaging for a new product going into Target in the next few months. We actually can’t show you examples here, because it is all still top secret. However, once we are up and running with it, I am sure we will be able to tell you all about it!

We are STILL Hiring

As always we are on the look out for the most creative, most talented graphic designers. In the last 4 months we have taken on another 4 consultants in the areas of SEO and product design. Together, they bring around 80 years of marketing and design experience with them. He hope to expand our range of services offered to our clients, so that we can continue to grow your businesses in ways you probably never dreamed.

Comodo Partner

As part of our ongoing quest to offer the full business service, from conception to initiation, we have partnered with Comodo to offer SSL and ecommerce security products. This now allows us to streamline the build process of your ecommerce store. It also allows us to comfortably advise clients on the right levels of security for their business.

SEO Services

Our continued expansion of SEO services has meant that we now offer the full range of opportunites to best position our clients websites. We have access to our own exclusive Australian directory as well as our own range of SEO products such as directory and article search. We now have over 30 Australian companies relying on us to raise their rankings in search engines.

Sales Conference

Throughout July we took part in the marketing of a sales conference by one of our best clients LSE consulting. Within two day sthe conference was over subscribed, and for a time they considered moving to a new venue. I am sure we will have videos from this event up and running soon!

There is plenty more exciting news coming up! We hope that you will get to be a part of it!


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