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As we are working on a number of Direct Mail campaigns right now, we thought we would give our top tips for making your Direct Mails stand out. Why is it worth spending a little more? $3,000 spent to reach 5000 people with a .01% success rate is 5 customers. $3000 spent to reach 1000 people with a 5% success rate is 50 customers.

  1. Be aware of the timing. Year round direct mail is ok, but you should focus your efforts on the time and place when people are looking for your services. Food can be every week, plumbing may only be once a year.
  2. Limit the number of messages. No one will read a direct mail piece that looks like a Yellow pages ad. Also, if you are trying to attract the right people to read more, they need to be curious and want to read on.
  3. Be bold. Don’t allow yourself to play safe and focus on just the price, or the promotion. Make your piece stand out by using images, text and information that makes a bold statement.
  4. Reduce clutter. Give all the elements room to breathe. Make it so that every part of the Direct Mail piece becomes an integral part of the whole.
  5. Don’t offer the world, just offer what people want. Instead of offering $20 off this and 50% off that etc, just make one clear, concise guarantee. “On time, or we work for free”, “Guaranteed for a year, or we replace it for free”. You don’t have to mention all of your pricing. Just go with one thing that will catch people’s eye.
  6. Send something fresh for three days in a row. Tell a story. Get people intrigued. Send something new for a few days in a row and keep getting in people’s faces.
  7. Back up direct mail with something else. Direct Mail with other local marketing is a smart move. Advertise in the local paper in the same week you send out three direct mail pieces will definitely get people’s attention. Do other local marketing, like sponsoring the local soccer team’s gala day, and you have a powerful combo.
  8. Use non-traditional media. Spend that little bit extra to use something people will not expect. Use a thick card with a texture to it. Use glossy stock.

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