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Direct Mail can be a powerful way for lawyers to get information to potential clients. Even in the age of internet marketing, more and more companies are returning to direct mail as a method of reaching potential customers. Direct Mail can also be used to send important information to current clients. Here are 5 quick creative content ideas for a Lawyer’s Direct Mail piece;

  • Free/Low cost legal seminar – remember the point is you are trying to grab the recipient’s attention. Offering a free 30 minute legal seminar, you have the chance to get multiple prospects in the same room. You could also direct people to register for a webinar (online seminar video). The subject could be an updated piece of legislation or even changes to tax rulings.
  • Create a unique “bundle” of services, such as small business contract, insurance and company law set at a particular fee. You will find that if people want only one of these services, they will ask for it.
  • Create/announce a partnership with another allied business or group. In New Zealand, the Musicians Association has a partnership with a music agent’s law firm. You could announce a partnership and create a unique service that goes hand in hand with that association.
  • Promote a recent victory. Have you won a recent case? Have you been nominated for/won an award? You don’t have to name names, or provide excessive details, but promote your recent accomplishments!
  • Announce the results of a recent survey or study. If there are new interesting statistics or findings that relate to your area of law or industry speciality, then you can use Direct Mail to inform your potential clients of the facts.

Whichever content you go with, here are some principals you need to adhere to when crafting Direct Mail.


Do not offer FREE CONSULTATIONS. This is your bread and butter, why would you give it away to new clients?

Do not make promises you can’t keep.

Target Target Target

Who are you sending this information to. Is it going to be something that could be very important to them? You can purchase lists that target people by suburb and area, but you can also get lists of people who have just bought a home, work in high risk jobs or a wide variety of other classifications. Your own marketing lists should also be segmented, so that you can broadcast the right message to the right people.


Think about the overall metaphore and imagery of the message you are sending out. People understand pictures faster than they understand words. Selecting and using the right image is as important as selecting the right headline. iStockphoto have some very good, low cost images you can use royalty free in your creative.


The headline is the second most important part of the creative after the image. Use the top right corner of the piece to plainly state your offer. Use short, regular, english expressions. Always use the “active present voice” throughout the creative.Use clever subheads to call-out important offers, benefits, and points of differentiation. The whole world is using SMS language, and you need to be adapting to similar attention span levels.


Including testimonials and case studies in your piece creates a trust bridge. One of the hardest things to do when talking to a potential customer “cold” is people have an inherent lack of trust in what they are reading.

Test Test Test

It is very easy to send out several different versions of similar creative. Each time you carry out a Direct Mail piece, you should try to send out at least 5 different types to test which one works the best. Direct mail marketing is the art of constant testing.

Provide an easy way to respond

1800 number, postage-paid response card, coupon or web site address. Make the final offer time sensitive. Make it imperative that they call you.

Creative Development is a marketing and web design agency based in Sydney. We offer direct mail services to any business around the world. Every month we create powerful leads for our clients using direct mail.

Call to action is bad or nonexistent: Once you’ve got them reading your piece you’ve got to tell them what you want them to do.

Forgetting to test: Direct mail marketing is the art of constant testing. You’ve got to be committed to trying different approaches from everything like design and copy to packaging and offers.

Too much fluff and hype: If you sound too much like a used car salesman you’ll end up in the garbage faster than you can say garbage. Practice the art of generating excitement without using too much hype.

Bad grammar and no proofing: Yes, the whole world is working off text message language right now, or at least it seems that way. Don’t allow your direct mail marketing to go this route.

Can’t grab their attention in headline: Think of the last time you received a direct mail marketing piece. As a direct mail tip remember how you responded to one all because the headline was absolutely catchy?

Not studying what works: Direct mail marketing has been around for many, many years and thousands of companies have made a lot of money. Before you do any direct mail marketing you should study what has worked and what has not.

No follow up plan: Congratulations. You’ve just sent out a direct mail marketing to your target customers. Now what?

Design that doesn’t work: I’d advise against using a tie dye-themed design if your target audience is just not that into tie dye. I’d strongly advise against it, actually.

Poor functionality: Your direct mail marketing piece must do more than just look pretty. It must work towards getting the desired response.

Bad copywriting: Arguably the most important element of the entire piece. You’ve got to know when to be clever, witty, funny, serious, etc. Know your audience.

Targeting not on target: Speaking of knowing your audience, do you really know them? When’s the last time you did a customer audit to figure out what motivates them?

Going cheap on the postage: Sometimes it makes more sense to pay a little more to arrive a certain time. Is it worth more to spend more if you ultimately make more? You know the answer.

Creative doesn’t hit the spot: In marketing, creativity is ultra important. Think about what gives your creative juices a boost and really spend some time thinking about how to grab your customers’ attention.

Not integrating with other marketing: So many small businesses and entrepreneurs have missed out on the chance to tie in their direct marketing with other marketing efforts. Large retailers have become successful at integrating direct mail with email marketing, for example.

Lost opportunity to drive traffic to Web and blog: A follow-up to the previous direct mail tip, but today it’s a natural fit to use direct mail marketing to drive people to a Web site, blog, Facebook page, Twitter page, etc.

Contests that fail: Contests are a great way to get interaction with your customers. But if the contest doesn’t prompt someone to participate, something went wrong and it can destroy the campaign ROI.

Looking like your little brother made it: It may not be the best direct mail marketing piece ever made, but it at least has to look professional. Remember, your name is on it and people will create a perception of your company.

Lack of branding: You’ve got to always establish and extend your brand identity, including messaging, design and logo. Make sure every direct mail marketing piece always reflects your company’s branding.

Going one and done: If you’re going to just send out one direct mail marketing piece and then expect huge results, don’t waste your time. All you’ll do is create more trash for the earth. Direct mail marketing is a commitment that pays off over time.

A printer that doesn’t understand your business or customers: Yes, it matters. A good printer can make your direct mail marketing because they may be able to offer great strategy and insight where you lack experience.

Not having a DM strategy with calendar to plan out the year: I can’t underscore enough the importance of NOT shooting from the hip. Above all else, have a long-term game plan in place so that your direct mail marketing can become strategic.

Paying attention to package size (too much will waste money while too small won’t get noticed): The answer to this one is different for every company, and every mailing. As a direct mail tip study your campaign, offer, incentive and customer to know which direction you should go.

Using phrases that tell people it’s junk mail: Avoid using phrases like “No Gimmick,” and “Financial Freedom,” which tend to set off alarms in people.

Bad use of testimonials: The right testimonial can enhance the value of any direct mail marketing campaign. The wrong one can quickly make you look like an infomercial.


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I agree with you Direct mail is really powerful tool in marketing. Sending direct emails to your customers and clients tends to be one of the most effective strategies.


We surely have ended up inside marketing and advertising for a many years and then my own business partner continues suggesting to all of us that all of us should certainly try out (blank) voice broadcasting as a fabulous means to be able to crank out leads. I personally really find the idea very difficult to be able to acknowledge the fact this really works best. Everytime I personally experience 1 of these messages I personally primarily hang up the phone instantly however he promises that it gives a incredibly less expensive way for you to crank out qualified prospects. I am still on the fence although I know that these other models we’ve been working with are merely getting much more (blank) expensive.

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