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Refining your adwords campaigns can lower your CPC and increase your conversion rate. Here we go through 10 quick ways you can improve your adwords campaigns. Remember the ultimate goal of your adwords campaigns should be to;

Pay 10 cents per click, and have every click convert.

Also remember that if you are bidding $1 per click, but only have a budget of $10 per day, then your ads will serve to 30% of the people that bids of 30 cents will. First look at improving your quality score and improving your conversion rate. Improving your conversion rate is mostly about targeting the right keywords and the right people online. After each analysis you may want to do one of several things;

  1. Separate out the converting ads/keywords into a new campaign
  2. Change the bids for specific keywords or ad groups to change your position
  3. Delete or pause non-converting groups
Either way, don’t be afraid to remove keywords that don’t perform.

Improve conversions by hour of the day

Look at your dimensions tab and select “hour of the day” have a look to see if there are hours in the day that do not convert. We know that there are some industries that convert at better times than others. People are usually reluctant to spend money late at night, so why advertise then? You may decide to advertise at night, but to have your bids automated so that you have a lower cpc, as the positions are worth less.


Depending on the product or service, people may browse on their ipad and then purchase using their computer. They may also only be able to purchase using their iPad because their computer is broken. Either way, looking at conversions by device is important.


You may advertise country wide, because your customers are all over the place, but you may find that tech savvy city dwellers are more likely to part with money online. Alternatively you may find that people who live in the country, with infrequent access to shops, are more likely to buy your products online.

Ad Position

Look at adwords groups where your average position is high, your cpc may be high, and your conversion rate may be average. Users may click on the first ad they see frequently, but are less likely to convert than someone who looks through the whole page of websites before settling on yours. Use the “columns” button to see the “lowest front page bid” and see if you can lower your position.

Desination URL

All your ads should be mixing up your destination URLS. Not just per product and to increase quality score, but also to give a basic test to landing page design. It is very easy to create ads that push users to different landing pages, and over time you will get a good guage of which pages actually generate conversions.


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