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Sometimes it can be hard to find enough content to write about, especially when attempting to blog weekly. However, once you have some techniques on finding content, you will find there is more than eenough out there to last a few years. Blogging for a law firm can be perilous, because you don’t want to overstep the mark with providing advice. However we have come up with a list of blogging ideas that any business, particularly law firms, can use.

What you can do once you have a lot of ideas, is write the title of the post and then file it as a draft, or save it as a word document. That way you can save them for the days when you don’t have any ideas. The main thing is to focus your blog posts on the niche, in this case law firms, you are writing for.

We thought we would share some of the things we do, and the places we go, to find great blogging content.

  1. Spend some time reading forums. Here are a three forums that are high traffic and have lots of good threads on marketing, business and web design. All of them have a “legal issues” forum, which is a nightmare in itself. You can sort each topic by “number of views” to see which ones attract the most attention.
  2. Read Seth Godin’s post on blogging for traffic .
  3. Read anything off The Big List of marketing blogs.
  4. Read through social networking websites to see which content has been tagged and commented on. Here are three quick websites that are great for finding content.

  6. Read through trend spotting websites to see what is an up and coming topic. Here are some great websites for spotting trends;

  7. Read the Gok Dot Com post on newsletter content
  8. Use the content suggestion tool from WordPress
  9. Write short, quick, posts on something in the news. You can use Google News or your local newspaper, anything will do.
  10. Write long, tutorials
  11. Write posts that are take the opposite view of one you have recently read.
  12. Use websites like Yahoo Answers, to find questions people are asking, and then answer them in your blog.
  13. Read other blogs. Search for blogs. Post comments on as many blogs as you can.
  14. Review products.
  15. Highlight one of your customers.
  16. Read through Google’s Hot Trends.
  17. Write a list. Some of the things you could list;
    Your top posts
    Your favourite blogs
    Your favourite people
    Your least favourite people
  18. Save some of your proposals to other companies, and use them
  19. Write about how hard it is to write about your industry.
  20. Write a follow up to a post you have recently written

There are plenty of great ideas out there for writing blog posts. You just need to dig around for them.


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Blogging is not as easy as other people perceive it. There are times that you run out of ideas and you are pressure to make a post in a given date. Your share if ideas are really valuable. These tips are proven helpful.

Thanks for sharing some of your insights in blogging. Article writing for blog site is really a hard work. This require a big amount of reading time so you could have an idea or a grasp of some you can write so people could get interested with your writing.

Thanks for the post, I think that doing SEO for a law firm can be challenge. Lawyers are great at creating content seeing that most of their day is spent writing and researching but it can be hard for them to see how that research can be converted into blog content that people would enjoy reading. Lawyers are also very busy so it’s hard for them to spend time (which they want to bill) and convert their work into blog content. Great list of ideas though for people to use when brainstorming.

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