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As mobile technology continues to accelerate, our phones are quickly becoming indispensable shopping tools. Whether researching a product or comparing prices before purchasing, 79% of US smartphone users have used their devices to help with shopping and 74% of those smartphone shoppers have made a purchase.

Extend your Online Brand Reputation to Mobile with Seller Ratings

It’s no secret that having a great online reputation is essential to driving online conversions. With Seller Ratings on mobile, you can extend your online reputation from desktop to mobile devices and leverage the power of the mobile platform to drive conversions on your website.

Take your Customers Directly to your Desired Conversion Path with Mobile Ad Sitelinks

Ad Sitelinks enable direct navigation to specific pages of your website. Since navigating on the mobile web can still be difficult, sitelinks for mobile can be especially useful in taking customers directly to the desired conversion path on your site. For example, with sitelinks you can quickly guide your customers to the best selling products on your site or to your online store locator. Mobile users find this format particularly helpful and on average campaigns with mobile sitelinks see a 30% increase in clickthrough rates when compared to campaigns without sitelinks.

Make it Easier For Customers to Contact you with Click-to-Call Ads

Whether you take orders over the phone or have a physical store location, you can ensure that your customers can easily connect with you by including your business phone number in your mobile search ads. Since users who make a call are showing interest in your product or service, they are more likely to make a purchase. With a call costing the same as a click to your ad, this is a very cost-effective ad format for driving quality leads and conversions for your business.

easyJet chooses mobile ads to ensure continued success

At the heart of each campaign’s success has been the unrivalled popularity of desktop-based search using Google. The latest figures predicted mobile internet adoption would leap to 39 per cent among European consumers by 20141 and mobile would be at least twice the size of desktop-based internet2. Google to launched an easyJet campaign using Google AdWords to target owners of high-end phones. It meant easyJet appeared at the top of the paid-for listings whenever users searched Google on their smartphones with certain keywords. The activity was largely aimed at business travellers
using their devices for last-minute flights to UK cities, and terms focused on
popular domestic routes.  The results from the promotion were tracked by DoubleClick’s DART for Advertisers technology.


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