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The new social networking platform launched by Google known as the Google Plus provides the right interactive experience to the users. The design of Google plus is very simple but it can create lasting impact among friends and colleagues. In the social networking scene it has certain edge over Facebook and Twitter by features and specifications.

The Features of Google Plus:

The service is more aimed at peoples who like to share things among close groups and groups with similar interests. Since Google has many other sharing services already, its seamless operation in Google plus makes everything easy for the users. The privacy settings on Google plus are more user-friendly which means that you have complete control over what you share with a particular person or group. The circle feature in Google plus is the most important opportunity to get new peoples and new contacts. New circles can be created exclusively for family, friends or co-workers. In Google plus the posts and links can be shared only with the designated circles if desired or public links can be added to share with all. One drawback in Google plus is its freedom to re-share the posts among others by the recipients.Even though there is a button for disabling this feature, not many users can locate it easily. The good feature is that the posts can be edited and comments allowed in all posts. The video chat feature in Google plus provide live interaction among users.

How to Use Google Plus for Best Results?

There are many ways to effectively use Google plus for getting good traffic to the websites. The profile page is an excellent tool to add information, pictures, videos, and links about your product or service. By placing important keywords in the information provided, the search rankings will be much higher than using any other SEO method.The circle feature in Google plus helps to provide information to the targeted people unlike in Facebook and Twitter where whatever information is fed will be read by all. The Google plus hang out feature helps to invite friends and contacts for a video conference.



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