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To give you better marketing performance in a simple and innovative approach, Google Analytics has set up the Multi-Channel Funnels tool. This tool aims at assisting the marketers to understand difficult issues of marketing like – influence on early stage marketing by different metrics, measurement of conversion actions that can’t be gripped through bots or spiders, improving the keyword coverage, conversion of inbound clicks, reaching customers at any stage of the conversion path, spotting out the most effective channels of marketing etc.

To start with the Multi Channel Funnels you must ensure that following activities are carried out.

  • Initially, you need to install the Google Analytics (GA) successfully. Don’t fail to spot all your business into one customer path. To establish single customer path for your multiple sites or domains, i.e., etc., use the Multi Domain Tracking option available in the system.
  • Set up the definition of conversion according to your business. This is vital to Multi Channel Funnels as you are to measure the end point of the customer path through the system, and that is what conversion implies. Generally, marketers are looking to sale their products or services, thus sale can be considered as conversion. Conversions can also be signing up or creating account with you or whatever is considered valuable for your business. Make use of different tracking tools for different perceptions like B2B, B2C etc.
  • Ensure that the system is tracking all the channels. Tag all marketing activities for all of your campaigns. Multi Channel Funnels records all the clicks in a conversion path. But to make sure that this clicks are listed on the right groups or campaigns. You have alternative actions in hand on this regard. The Multi Channel Funnels (MCF) offer a default channel grouping in order to assist you in grouping the channels. So, better you tag the marketing activities according to the default channel groupings. This option makes you follow the default rules of the system. Alternatively, you can make the system follow your own rules. The latter is telling you to modify the channel groupings according to the ways you are tagging the campaigns.

When you are done with the above said actions, you are ready to utilize the Multi Channel Funnels effectively through using the Multi Channel Funnels Reports (MCF Reports). This report is one of the distinctive features of Google Analytics.

You can directly bring these data from the Multi Channel Funnels into your own systems. Importing data into your system from the MCF is not possible with the regular interface. That’s why Google Analytics has launched an outstanding tool named Multi Channel Funnels API.

As it was said earlier Multi Channel Funnels measure the conversion actions that can’t be gripped through bots or spiders. But it’s possible that some bots are still coming on the way of your conversions. No problem, till they are not affecting your breakdown and therefore, its better that you filter out those bots or spiders at the profile level before they have an effect on the resulting analysis.


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