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Facebook and other forms of social media are exceptionally valuable advertising tools if they are used wisely. A large number of people can be reached with one post. It can be shared and extended over a very large area in a matter of a few seconds, if the right target audience is used.

Advanced Advertising Techniques

*Find your target audience and then focus on them. Your focus may be on men, women, individuals between two specific ages or a combination of other factors. Whoever your target is, make sure they are always the main focus when you create or post a statement or picture. They are the ones who will continue to read or share your information. Individuals outside of your target range will, more than likely, disregard anything they aren’t interested in.

*Keep your content fresh. Update your cover and profile photo every week to ten days. It keeps things new and interesting, encouraging people to return often to see what’s new with your company or project. Add blogs and photos on a regular basis to keep your projects and activities in the public eye.

*Target the third person in your campaign. Encourage members of your audience to consider how your project will help them in caring or being with others. Enforce the importance of making others feel good about themselves.

*Use words that make your ad exclusive or urgent. Phrases like "for a limited time only" or "this special offer won’t last long" will encourage customers to check into the items quickly before they forget or run out of time. People tend to respond in a more timely manner if they believe there is a chance the offer will run out if they take too much time.

*Keep your page unique. Avoid over using the company logo. Include things that customers are familiar with such as pictures of staff or products. Use colors and designs that fit with the business.

*Create pixels. Pixels can be used to track ad conversions. They will tell you how many people visited the site because they clicked on the pixel, as well as if they followed through to the checkout.

*Use AdRoll for remarketing on Facebook. This increases traffic to the your site and encourages Facebook user’s to participate by directing them to areas such as the Facebook Exchange. At any given moment, over 1 billion users are active in these campaigns.

Facebook users who have garnered over 5,000 fans can begin to target exactly who sees their posts and receives notifications. They can target groups of people by age, gender or occupation and direct their posts to only those individuals who may actively have an interest in their product or company.

If you want to go the extra mile and purchase banners, they can also target specific groups of individuals and direct them to your company website as well as its Facebook page. By using every tool at your disposal you can literally expand your online client base exponentially if you wish to do so. With advanced techniques, you not only put your company in front of thousands of potential customers, you encourage them to interact with you.

Facebook is growing at an astounding rate. Learning how to utilize it as an effective advertising tool can increase your exposure and give your reputation a big push in the right direction.


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