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Running a hotel or motel can be a responsible job and your work will be cut out for you every day. Even when you are off duty there may be times when you are called in to handle a crisis. In fact hotel management can be such an overwhelming task that we forget the other important factors such as marketing and advertising. Whilst it is probably best to delegate these tasks to a house manager or floor manager, it is nonetheless a task that must be applied and updated regularly.


Virtually every hotel these days has a website. Those that do not ought to think quickly about getting one sorted out. A website is a marketing tool where potential customers for your hotel will drive themselves to. Without a website you could end up dead in the water for new customers. However, once your website is up and running there is still a great deal of work to be done. The market place today is complicated and the running of your website and occasional updates when prices change is not the only projects you need to operate. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with the game you will need to do more than just a few tweaks and updates on your website.


So where do we need to be to get the best from your website? What subtle moves are required and which tips can be offered to maximize your potential for new customers on the internet. You need to start an internet marketing campaign or advertising project to get people out there to come and visit your website. High traffic to your website ultimately means more business for you. You could think carefully about employing an SEO organization to help you and your website progress.


The aim of a successful SEO campaign is to get you onto page one of the search engines. This is where the big traffic really is. Let us say for example we put into search engine term something like “three-star hotels inLondon”, we would want to be as close to the top or page one of a search engine’s listings as possible. The key to success is to try and not duplicate terms, fresh and new articles and press-release blogs with unique and non-duplicated text. This will help your website to get closer to the top page on Google, Ask Jeeves or Bing.


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