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Google’s Adwords program features dynamic search ads that you can use to promote your business. Unlike other types of ads, a dynamic ad does not involve keyword usage. Instead, ads are displayed automatically, based on the website’s content. This means that there is no need for you to let Google know when you make a change to your website or when you have designed new ads for each of the pages that make up your website.

Dynamic Search is a good choice for your business if you have services or products advertised on your website, especially if you change the advertised services and products frequently. This is especially true if your business sells seasonal products.

There are many benefits to using Dynamic Search, such as saving time, controlling the campaign you have chosen to use, showing ads that are relevant and to gain sales and traffic in increments. Using Dynamic Search means there is no need for you to strategically place keywords on your site or add a lot of text to your online promotions. The organic search technique used by Google, indexes your company’s website and figures out the searches that could be used to find your products online. Dynamic Search lets you show promos to your site visitors that can be based on a specific page or category found on your website or the entire website itself. Targets for dynamic ads include titles that contain certain words, pages that contain certain words and pages that have a URL with certain strings that the search program looks for.

It will also let you control what ads are seen so that you are not advertising a product you no longer have in stock. It also works to target Internet users who are searching for a product or service that your company sells. When it comes to driving incremental traffic, dynamic search ads will help you reach more customers than you would have with simple keyword marketing.

Internet searches that coincide with the targets of your dynamic ads will result in this Google service creating a destination URL to an ad that contains the correct text for a person’s search. For example, if someone does an Internet search for HD video cameras and your website sells them, dynamic ads would target the page on your website showing your selection of HD video cameras.

Dynamic Search Ads are compatible with any keyword based campaigns you might already be running. If someone uses a broad enough search term, Google will probably use your dynamic search ad before it uses your keyword based ad. The history of any dynamic search ads you are using will be handled separate and apart from your keyword ads.

Your company can greatly benefit from using Dynamic Search Ads to target specific Internet users that are interested in acquiring products or services you offer. It is a valuable tool for the right business, but it’s not necessarily right for every single business.


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