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2.2 million people joined Google+ in the last 24 hours. By the weekend, it is expected that 20 million Google+ users will exist.

Should Facebook be worried they will become the next MySpace?

At the moment, even with 20 million users, not enough people are connected on the system, and so there are regular complaints of users not knowing how things work. Also, still, you can only use the system if you are invited. Which means the people that make Facebook buzz and make money (namely mothers and people wanting to talk about the latest goss) are not using the system.

There are certainly advantages to Google+ over Facebook, privacy to name one aspect. However the things that draw the majority of users to Facebook is not there yet.  Facebook should be worried about the competition, and this should make them innovate their service in a direction that will improve the experience for users.

What do you think Facebook or Google could do to retain users?


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