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We thought we would list some top blog posts that we think need deserve some recognition.

Theme Nation, How to Build a WordPress Theme Part 1

How to create a wordpress theme from scratch in 3 parts coverin Structuring, designing in Photoshop, slicing, coding into fully css based html, and finally wordpress implementation.

Premium WordPress Theme Design Part 1 – The Photoshop Mock Up

How to design a modern web interface from scratch using Photoshop and stock pictures

54 Inspirational WordPress Design

Some great WordPress designs to whet your appetite.

6 Free New Social Icons – Digg, Twitter, Stumble, RSS, Delicious & Reddit

Fed up with the same standard set of social icons for your blog or site? This set of six social icons (Digg, Twitter, Delicious, RSS, Reddit & Stumbleupon) are free to use on your websites and blogs however you wish!

55 Beautifully Blue Web Designs to Inspire You

here are tons of cool combinations you can do to give your website a stylish touch. For me, blue recalls freedom, freshness, elegance and style. So check out this selection and start thinking about using blue in your designs.


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