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With the increasing popularity of the internet more individuals and companies are beginning to create their own web pages for personal use. Although creating a web page can be a simple venture, ensuring that your SEO practices fall within the guidelines of the SERPs (search engine results pages) can be a difficult venture. Google Penguin is a brand new implementation to the Google network that will be utilized to weed out the bad web pages from the SERPs and provide higher rankings for the legitimate web pages.

Google Penguin is essentially an algorithm that has been created to specifically target web spam. Considering that the majority of websites on the internet and full of different spam related content, having the opportunity to rid the internet of these harmful sites can be quite beneficial. The algorithm itself will help to promote higher quality content to internet users so that they are able to acquire the information and data from their research that will benefit them rather than detriment them.

The majority of individuals who will be affected by the Google Penguin update are those who are using black hat techniques to boost the rankings of their websites. With link farming, cloaking, and other types of link schemes, these website owners will undoubtably lose their rankings on the SERPs. With black hat techniques, every loophole of search engines are exposed and so the quality content is pushed lower in rankings, thus promoting irrelevant content and web pages.

Users will also be another party that will be affected by the Google Penguin update. Considering that all of the content on the internet will be filtered through on a constant basis, users will see that more relevant content will arise from their Google searches. This can prove to be beneficial for those who are performing their research on the internet due to the fact that you will gain faster access to the information that you need.

Essentially if you are a website owner who has followed all of the guidelines laid out by Google then you will not be affected by the update. With the implementation of Google Penguin, the quality of internet searches will undoubtably increase at an alarming rate. With the loss of black hat techniques, more “good” internet users will be able to reap the benefits of higher traffic where as the “bad” internet schemers will lose their placing on Google. As a brand new security measure, Google Penguin is exponentially advantageous.


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