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Na pohybel Janas

What is “Na pohybel Janas” Apparently in Dutch it means ‘God’s Gracious Gift’ and in Arabic it means ‘Harvest of Fruit”. It has got bloggers and news media in a spin because it has suddenly shown up on Google Trends, as above. The Brisbane Times said “Combining the Polish meaning of Janas with the Polish translation of the phrase gives the literal translation “Death to God’s gracious gift”.

With lots of speculation as to the meaning, suddenly people are trying to SEO bomb for the top phrase. A search online reveals 5 of the top 10 searches linked to pages that are for mobile phones etc. In much the same way as Kates Party, and The Hidden Pizza stories we ran last month, this search term has become more about advertising and less about what it actually means.

Do any of you know what Na pohybel Janas means?


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I think I found the answer
“Na pohybel Janas” I mean “it’s a beautiful Life”

Na Pohybel Janas mean “It’s a Beautiful Life”
Na = It’s a
Pyhybel = Beautiful
Janas = Life

Na Pohybel Janas does not mean Death, Destruction or War

Watch the video and you’ll understand Na Pohybel Janas mean “It’s a Beautiful Life” … is so beautiful and it is a beautiful world.­­=TYea_hCLKoI

“Na pohybel Janas” is a Polish football fans’ cry against the former player and club manager Pawel Janas. ‘Na pohybel’ is an archaic term (and thus not easily translated) popularised by Henryk Sienkiewicz’s book “Ogniem i mieczem” (“By fire and Sword”). The term literally means “to the gallows” or simply “death to”. It has nothing to do with a rock group called “Na Pohybel”. Why people search for it? No idea!

Has nothing to do with Dutch, Janas isn’t a Dutch name (Jonas is)

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