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Nearly 3 years ago we start out trying to become one of the best marketing blogs in Sydney. Over time we have become less about marketing as a broad category, and more specifically about what businesses and webmasters can do to increase their business, whether it is online or otherwise. 3 Years ago we had a look at who was blogging about marketing, and selected a range of their posts to talk about. Now, I thought, would be a good idea to revisit the category, see who is still blogging, and see who is new on the scene. Probably a third of all blogs that were alive 3 years ago are no longer writing today. Even more started promisingly, but have only really been blogging once a quarter in the last few years.

Deezer expands globally, partners with LG and Toshiba to ride smart TV revolution

As the online music streaming space becomes ever more populated – Spotify, Rdio, Guvera, Vevo, Mog, Pandora are all among the players to service Australia.

Essential GMail Apps

Gmail is the most widely used web-based email service in the world. It had more than 425 million active users world wide as of June last year. There are some nifty extensions that you can add to make managing your business email much easier.

Storm Surfers 3D wins top 3D award

An Australian surf documentary has won the highest accolade at the International 3D Society Annual Awards overnight in Hollywood.

Storm Surfers 3D won the award for Most Outstanding Achievement in a 3D Documentary.

How to Use Retargeting to Boost Conversions & Branding

If you’ve ever felt like you’re being followed by a company’s advertisements online, you were probably right. You might have looked at a pair of shoes in an online store, but decided to purchase later on.  As a convenient coincidence, you see an ad for them later in the week online and purchase. It wasn’t a coincidence – it was the power of “retargeting” advertising at work to encourage you to complete your purchase.

Four tips for writing media releases

A media release is a written piece of communication distributed to specific journalists to announce something newsworthy. They are a great way to disperse information about your business, gain media coverage and communicate with your target audience.

So, you don’t have the time to set up your new website

One of the biggest factors in businesses not having a suitable website is the prospect of having to get stuff to put on the site. Or as we like to call it; web content.

We are experts in collecting the right information (copy) and presenting it on your web pages in an attractive and professional format. We can help with images by procuring stock images or organising for a photographer if that’s what is required.

Fresh and Sizzling at Applebee’s: Social Media Reputation Management

Applebee’s is serving up a lesson in social media reputation management and crisis communications this week. There are multiple layers worth exploring in this story.
There’s the Reddit community whose mob mentality infected this story as it traveled across social media channels.

Preparing Your Business for Facebook’s Graph Search

The world of search engine and social media marketing are growing closer and closer together, and the announcement of Facebook Graph Search only proves to show that these two vital elements of Online marketing are merging into one powerful engine that brings people and online interaction closer together.

Add Social Media to your strategy

Social media is changing the way business owners look at marketing their business. It is no longer just about creating a website that has great SEO it is now about being able to incorporate the social media platforms into your site to improve the way that your website is viewed by the search engines and the people that are visiting your website. Being able to successfully incorporate social media will mean a better position for your company. Today we are going to review the top 10 reasons why you should add social media optimization to your current SEO Strategy.

How Load Times Affect Ranking

If you wanted to know what Google is all about, it can be summed up with a simple three word phrase. Great user experience. Google’s mantra is about serving up the world’s information fast and accurately no matter what device you are viewing or where you are. In the last decade it has become the 

Climate Change, Poverty and The Great Horse Poo Debate of 1898

Horse manure was a global problem until cars came along. Fossil fuels and climate issues are a huge problem until… renewable energy? Solar power? Wind farms? … Can we collectively solve problems when in all likelihood the problem is already solved we just don’t know it yet.

Biggest Display Advertising Network in Australia

Display Advertising – The way advertising was meant to work

Display advertising is an important component of the marketing mix and is a great medium to drive brand awareness, salience and interaction as it allows you to reach your customers varied online touch points in their day-to-day lives, not only when they’re searching. Emarketer, in their research ‘Average time spent online 2008-2011’ reports that the average American spends 2 months of their waking year online.

Mobile eCommerce – work out what sector you’re in – and nail it.

Recent stats show that the real winners in mobile commerce is Retail Fashion.

5 Things You Need to Know about Content Marketing World Sydney

So, I haven’t talked much about Content Marketing World Sydney at all since we announced the dates back in September. It’s been a struggle.

Since we have just a few days left until our early bird rate (saving $200) is gone (expires 31 Jan), I felt that now was the time to shoot everyone an update and try to persuade you to come to Content Marketing World (if you are not already persuaded) – 4-6 March, 2013 at the Sheraton on the Park in Sydney.

All about the stats: Using Google Analytics to track QR Code visitors

Creating QR codes for an online marketing campaign is easy as there are countless resources online to assist you in creation, execution and analytics. But getting all those stats to display neatly and in the right place can be a little confusing. Here is our guide to perfect QR codes for detailed, useful analytics.

Ditch the elevator pitch & some cool ways to get conscious with your marketing

In the push and shove of today’s fast-paced world of business, we’re being told it’s vital to have a compelling elevator pitch. In 30 seconds you’re expected to excite someone with what you do and what you offer. You’re expected to be ‘pitch perfect.’

I used to teach this stuff years ago, although I had a different term for it then. I called it the ‘verbal brand’.


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