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Just a quick update, there is a great post over at Inside Facebook on how to run a successful Facebook promotion. Since the start of the year there are a few things people need to be aware of so they don’t run foul of the Facebook guidlines.

This is far more complex than it first looks.

1. Read All the Promotions Guidelines.

The guidelines currently include information on what Facebook’s definition of a promotion is (including “sweepstakes,” “contests” and “competitions”), as well as general terms that apply, aspects of promotions that are specifically prohibited, specific ways campaigns need to be administered and publicized, and Facebook’s legal protection and rights.

2. Clear the Promotion With Facebook First

According to Facebook  it needs to manually approve all promotions to ensure that each one is legal. If you’re with a small business or other organization with a limited advertising budget, a Facebook promotion is probably not for you.

3. Don’t Call Facebook Your ‘Partner’

4. Understand Local Rules, and How They Affect Your Facebook Promotion

5. Heed Facebook’s Formatting Requirements – You can only administer a promotion through an application on the Facebook Platform and you can only have users enter the promotion in specific locations on your Page.

6. Don’t Require Facebook Actions (except the “ilke” button)


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